Project Details

  • multi order platform
  • laravel
  • web application
  • e-commerce
  • custom website
  • responsive design

Happy babies mean dry babies!

If you never want to run out of diapers, visit, an awarded Greek Start-up. It is our most renowned web application, set in a user friendly environment, making the shopping experience, just like play-time. Its sophisticated, custom application serves thousands of clients, on a daily basis, though almost every available way of modern communication sales. Navigate through our custom application, place your orders to our custom and discover the great quality of agnotis’ products, all wrapped up in exquisitely designed packaging.

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Project Screens

Single main Single main
boxed image boxed image boxed image boxed image boxed image
additional image additional image

mobile < 768px

tablet 768px - 1024px

desktop 1024px - 1440px

wide screen > 1440px

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