I need a fast, versatile and efficient way to present my business? I need a Polly Theme!

September 1, 2022 by Stonewave team

The required time for the implementation of a website depends on many factors. The first and most important factor is to have from the beginning all the necessary content (texts, photos etc) in order to set up the website and evaluate its needs. However, we have to go through some key stages in order to reach this point:

Have I decided exactly what I want? Before you call or email a software company to make you an offer, you have to think what you are going to say. We constantly receive calls and emails from people who want something, but do not know exactly what it is. We recommend that you think carefully exactly what you want to develop, what it should present, who you target audience is, how often will you need to update it, will it be a showcase or an eshop, will you outsource all the graphic design work, what you wish to achieve by creating this website etc. 

Once you manage to organize your thoughts regarding these issues, write them down and you will be ready to contact a software development company.

Communicate what you want to do! While communicating with the software company, you need to adequately describe what is in your mind. They will write down your requirements and they will steer you towards the right direction for your website’s development. “How can I explain what I want in the best possible way?” Find examples of similar websites and show them to your development associates.

Agreement! What does it take to come into an agreement with a software company? At first make sure that you have properly communicated all your requirements and specifications. Then, they will ask you to send them all the necessary material such as the existing website, texts, examples of website that you find interesting, if you want a custom design or something simpler, when is the desired delivery date, what is your budget, who is going to be the main liaison (you or an associate) what will you for hosting and basically anything else that they might ask you. 

We’ve come to an agreement. Now what? Based on all of the above, the development company will understand what are your needs and it will set up the sitemap, assign all design related work to the graphic design department, collect all the necessary material, conduct some technical work and subsequently inform you with regards to the project’s delivery date.

How long will it take? If your requirements are complex with specific design needs, then the software company will provide you with a step-by-step implementation schedule. If your needs are simpler and can be accommodated by a template theme, then the overall completion time is significantly reduced.

Here at Stonewave we love first scenario. However, because equally love simplicity, we created the POLLY THEME for the second scenario.  A user-friendly, fast and easily configurable WordPress theme that can be up and running within a very short period of time  (if the necessary content such as texts, photos and banners are immediately available).

POLLY THEME!!! We love our colleagues so we name our projects after them. Polly created a theme for customers that require a simple presentation of their brand identity, their services and their products. We love our colleagues, so we name our projects after them. Polly created a theme that can accommodate clients who are in need of a simple presentation for their brand identity, their services and their products. “Can I have a website ready in two days?” If you have all the necessary content available, then the answer is yes! (Amazing?) This theme offers you a wide range of page configurations, design options for presenting your services and products, fast response time, fully functional and user-friendly on all devices, easy to manage, fully independent from the support department, SEO friendly, ESPA approved etc. All of the above are just a small example of what the Polly Theme can do. If this is what you are looking for, then we will be waiting for your call or email.

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