Stonewave is a tech expert provider, that delivers strategy, application development and enterprise integration on leading open technologies. In August, 2010, we conceptualised the realisation of this team. We felt the need to abstain from working in sterile corporate environments and create a company that incorporates our beliefs and ideas.

Our work ethic remains the same, we create custom products flexible to the demands of each project and we are involved in every project as we try to understand the needs and vision of each customer. We are a diverse mix of software developers, who work like a well-oiled machine. Through our passion for each project, we create unique results.


  • Coding
  • Design
  • Ideas
  • Development
  • Coffee

We like structures. We like plans and ideas. We like open source coding, because sharing knowledge, while keeping everything in balance, is fun. We like satisfied customers and happy faces. We love software development and design rules.


  • Stonewave company inauguration

    The beginning of a company aiming to develop open source software.

  • First large scale commission

    One of the top 5 construction companies in Greece, INTRAKAT, has trusted us with their company profile.

  • Expanding our services

    Company Websites & Apps, E-Commerce and Custom applications.

  • PAOK FC website (version 1)

    PAOK FC joined our team of clients.

  • Increasing our international clientele

    Our first international clients, from UK, Germany and USA.


    In regard to the artist portfolio project Cicilas.

  • PAOK FC is awarded an ΕΒΓΕ (evge) Design Award

    For the design of the PAOK FC website (version 2).

  • Expanding our collaborations to Dubai

    The start of large-scale project and the beginning of a long-term collaboration.

  • FINTECH International award, METLIFE Dubai Contest

    Distinction for the HR application 1Clique Systems, a custom application for organizsations and enterprises in Middle East and north African countries.

  • ESTIA Silver Tech Award

    In regard to the online delivery platform for the Daily Chef restaurant.

  • HELLEXPO TIF participation

    Participation in the Thessaloniki International Fair, Digital Greece department, Thessaloniki Innovation Zone section.

  • PAOK FC is awarded 3 DIME, digital media awards

    Best App (Gold award for PAOK FC official App)

    Best Homepage (Bronze award for PAOK FC interactive magazine cover)

    Integrated Reporting / Transmedia Storytelling (Bronze award for PAOK FC matchday experience).

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under 40 award

    Northern Greece Distinction, awarded by the financial forum “Money Show”.


  • stonewave partner 1

    Viva Wallet is the first European entirely cloud-based neobank using Microsoft Azure with branches in 23 countries in Europe. Viva Wallet is a Principal Member of Visa and Master Card for acquiring and issuing services. Viva Wallet provides businesses of all sizes card acceptance services through innovative Smart Android terminals or the new Android Viva Wallet POS app, and through advanced payment gateways in online stores. It also offers business accounts with local IBAN and a business Viva Wallet Mastercard card. Viva Wallet Holdings owns a subsidiary Greek banking company (VIVABANK SA) and a subsidiary E-money Institution as per PSD II Directive provisions with pass porting rights across the entire EEA Region.

  • stonewave partner 2

    Klevu was founded in 2013 and proprietary deals with product discovery technology drives traffic, conversion and loyalty for ecommerce websites, while reducing bounce rates. It is easy to configure, optimize and maintain and fully integrates with major ecommerce platforms in just hours.

  • stonewave partner 3

    Adscale is a team of experts that aims to help e-commerce stores grow their businesses using the power of AI technology, by analyzing, building, and optimizing digital advertising.

  • stonewave partner 4

    E-satisfaction team comes from areas of Consumer Research, Marketing & University sectors and has a common belief that behind its transaction there is a human being, that thinks – feels & wants to be respected. They think that the biggest property of a company is the opinion of its customers & the biggest opportunity of every company is to do something with that. Their vision is definite and simple. They want to make e-business customer centric. They are passionate to help e-businesses learn how customers feel, inspire them to act based on customer feedback and encourage them to invest on true customer needs to become profitable.

  • stonewave partner 5

    Moosend email marketing platform helps clients manage their mailing lists, create and send email marketing campaigns, while easily tracking the results, from a user-friendly web interface! Moosend is a European Εmail marketing Service Provider with a web app that helps companies manage their mailing lists, create and send their email marketing newsletters and then track useful results and statistics. Stonewave has frequently been utilising Moonsend’s services for both the company itself, as well as on behalf of clients and their projects. This is more than anything, a really strong tool, that helps create revenue for online business.

  • stonewave partner 6

    The Social Co-operative Enterprise Paths of Greece was created with the vision to help Greece become one of the top 10 hiking destinations in the World. They aim to revive old footpaths, in different localities, in manner that they fully respond to the needs of the modern hikers. They clear the trails, sign-post them and promote them, both in Greece and internationally. Stonewave has been involved in the developing of a series of mobile apps exclusively designed for each region and path. Together we continue the process of creating a selection of apps, which are not only useful to hikers, but also help document the beautiful paths of Greece.

  • stonewave partner 7

    Post-Spectacular Office is a narrative - driven design office that combines the wide experience from the fields of architecture, exhibition, graphic design, and academia. They design spatial and iconic environments for individuals, brands, exhibitions, trade fairs and museums that have narrative power. Their aim is to design meaningful environments and design products, which inspire visitors and immerse them into new experiences.

  • stonewave partner 8

    US _ is a Berlin based creative agency modelled around the co-working concept. It is an international team of friendly designers, real thinkers and writers, evolving into a balanced and fluid agency that deeply cares about creativity. They offer their creative services to individuals, corporations, global brands and fresh start-ups. Their focus is to plan, structure, create, define, refine and release strategic and functional work, adding value to their clients’ projects. Stonewave is part of their collaboration network and primarily involved in the department of web and mobile development and consultancy.

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