Why you should use Magento2 for your eshop

January 11, 2022 by Stonewave team

With regards as to why a business should develop its eshop via the Magento2 platform, we will analyze the respective benefits and advantages below:

  1. An eshop could be compared to a “living organism”. It evolves, grows, improves and requires constant care (support). Magento’s main advantage as an ecommerce platform is that it can “accompany” its Administrator and their business through the online journey from a small eshop with a limited product catalog to a large one with vast product catalogs and extensive functionalities.
  2. Every entrepreneur that creates an online shop wants to appear in the top results of all search engines. This is why Magento is the platform of choice. The mentality of search engines is directly connected to this platform. Magento’s structural characteristics allow the optimization of URLs, metas, keywords, alt text etc.
  3. Magento provides the largest world-class-quality selection of mechanisms and tools.
  4. Easy multilingualism with currency matching, product tax scale and more. It is important to know beforehand that in an era where commerce knows no borders, your platform can provide limitless possibilities.
  5. The platform is compatible with PA-DSS: Payment Application Data Security Standard. Businesses that sell products on a global scale are more concerned about the security of online payments and that is why they choose the Magento platform; because it covers their needs. It is the best choice for companies that wish to offer their clients safe payment options by protecting their information and storing their order details in a safe database.
  6. One of the most important indices that affect the Conversion rate is speed. Maintaining speed is extremely important when we have large volumes of users and procedures. This combination can be achieved by choosing the right Magento partner.
  7. Another important advantage of the platform is that a company or a group of companies can have common management (under a common operating environment) of multiple eshops. Thus, optimization becomes exponentially faster and maintenance is performed more efficiently and with less cost.
  8. Even though today it’s considered a given, it is worth mentioning that the platform offers separate implementation for mobile devices (Mobile Theme) as well as Responsive Design for all devices and screens. 
  9. Detailed Report of Statistical Data. When a business uses Magento for its online shop, it has the ability to monitor basic data regarding sales on its screen. Other important statistical data such as sales reports, coupon use reports, products that are low on stock (when stock is managed through the platform) and abandoned shopping carts are also available. In addition, the platform is also compatible with Google Analytics.

The Magento 2 platform is used by many popular brands such as Hp, Helly Hansen, Canon, Nike, Jack Daniels, Puma etc. A lot of popular Greek brands use Magento as well.

Why not employ the same tactic and take advantage of the same tools and techniques?

In conclusion, Magento 2 is the best option for any business that wishes to create an online shop and expand its operations in the world of ecommerce. 

If you are interested in creating an online store in Magento, contact us at 2310221500 ή [email protected].

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