Eshop consumer types

October 25, 2022 by Stonewave team

Summer is gone and fall is here! Time to renew your catalogues and promotion campaigns. However, who exactly should your target audience be?

That’s a tough question. We will describe to you the most common types of consumers in order to make your life a little bit easier.

The sophisticated ones: These are the ones that know exactly what they are looking for. They know the model, the color and the code of the product and they are simply looking for it in every shop they can find. They may surprise you because they could be looking for a product by its SKU. Their goal is to easily find the desired item, add it to their cart and buy it. They usually don’t look at the product’s description. For them, the perfect eshop has an effective search tool and a well-developed checkout process. It is common for them to use specific eshops for buying the products they are looking for.

Τhe “I’m just browsing” audience: These are the ones that visit the eshop just to see the new releases, analyze their features and maybe make a purchase in the future. For this audience, it is best to include links like “new arrivals, “popular” and “sales”. Some of them use this practice in specific eshops, so the “Favorites” section is usually something they expect to find available.

The researchers: They collect information regarding products, prices, reviews and they compare features and their respective use. For this audience, it is essential to include detailed photos and extensive descriptions. If your eshop has products that are similar in nature (e.g. tech products) it is necessary to have a tool that allows users to compare them.

The “I’m waiting for sales” audience: More or less, during these difficult times, all of us are looking for sales opportunities. These users are sales hunters and they are looking for the eshop that has the best prices. In order to increase their chance of finding a good opportunity they create accounts and they subscribe to newsletters. So, make sure you send newsletters with discount coupons and create a sales category.

The single-visit buyers: This is the most common category. They will buy from an eshop only once either because they have a gift card or because they found a sponsored ad that redirected them there or it was cheaper on a price comparison platform or they simply heard it from someone. It is most likely that they won’t return to this eshop. In order to keep them as customers, you have to create an eshop that is user-friendly, appealing, has few pop-ups and is accessible to people with disabilities.

Of course, the above groups represent just a small sample of all the types of consumers that exist out there. An eshop owner could definitely think of five more types without even giving it much thought.

If you are interested in creating an eshop where you will be able to put our advice to good use feel free to contact us at 2310221500 or [email protected].

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