Interview advice for prospective developers

January 12, 2023 by Stonewave team

You applied for a developer’s position (regardless of specialization)

After they looked at your resume, they called you in for an interview.

Now what?

Stay calm! Interviewing for a new job is a stress process for a lot of people. There are many factors that cause anxiety to someone who is about to be interviewed such as the pressing need for employment, having to answer difficult questions, how one is supposed to be dressed, general preparations, what the salary is going to be and many more.

In reality, there are no written rules for a successful interview, however, with a couple of useful tips, one can increase the possibility of getting hired for a job that she/he is really interested in.

In this article, we will mention five essential pieces of advice for people who are applying for a developer’s position:

Preparation: The first question they are going to ask you is if you know what the company actually does. In order to be prepared for a this kind of question, go to the company’s website and browse through its projects, clients and social media in order to have a better understanding of its mission and scope. If you lie about it, the person conducting the interview will know that you weren’t honest.

Attire: Do not attend the interview in clothes that do not reflect your character. Coding is not lawyering. You must show who you truly are, so if you wear a suit while your closet only has band t-shirts, you will be noticeably uncomfortable during the interview.

Knowledge of the field: You will be asked several questions regarding your general development skills, knowledge of programming languages and at what level, if you have had any design or digital marketing experience etc. You must be clear and honest. Don’t try to show that you have skills that in reality you know nothing about, because if there is a senior developer in the room, she/he will know that don’t know what you are talking about and you will create a negative impression. Honesty is important in this field of work, both during the interview and on your resume.

Personal portfolio: It is common (especially for front-end developers) to show previous work, whether it is projects that you have completed alone or as part of a team. Many developers (and designers) have personal websites that use as showcases for their work. If you have your own, feel free to share it.

Always be polite: When asked for information about your previous employer, job or colleagues, choose your words very carefully. Do not speak badly about anyone or anything. The marketplace is smaller than you think and you don’t know who knows whom. Even if you worked in a toxic environment, remain calm and be polite.

There are numerous things that we could mention for job interviews, but if you require extensive advice, it would be better to contact a qualified recruitment agency. Remember, everyone is anxious during an interview. Even the ones who are conducting it. 

Good luck and always be honest!

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