Advice for frequently asked questions

March 2, 2023 by Stonewave team

The Frequently Asked Questions page are an easy way of providing useful information about your website and the services that you offer. Based on our experience, here are some useful pieces of advice in order to create a complete frequently asked questions page:

  • The frequently asked questions must be tailored to your clients.
  • Copying and pasting frequently asked questions from other pages is not the right option.
  • This section must provide answers to your clients’ most frequently asked questions (shipping and/or payment methods, product returns etc).
  • The page must be properly structured with categories, subcategories and headings.
  • All frequently asked questions must be presented in a manner that follows your brand’s character. Texts, infographics and witty answers are all acceptable if they follow your philosophy.
  • Renewing both questions and answers is important for your website’s evolution and its organic search results.
  • Make your answers short and to the point. If they are about other pages, include  the relative hyperlink.
  • If the questions and their respective answers are more than four, do not add them as a widget in your homepage, but instead create a separate static page for them.

The last piece of advice that we are going to give you is to not fill the FAQ page with additional or unnecessary information because it is going to lose its focus and the reason it was created for.

Good luck!

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