What is WordPress and what are its advantages?

April 13, 2022 by Stonewave team

WordPress is a content management system that allows users to host and create a website. It constitutes a versatile, extensible and free-to-use platform that contains a plugin and template system in order to easily adapt to the needs of any business, blog or eshop.

Through this platform you can create professional websites, online shops, resumés, social networks, blogs and forums. Some of the main reasons to use WordPress are the following :

  1. WordPress is a free, open source platform. However, a small fee will be required in order to host the website you create.
  2. WordPress is extensible, which means that, even if you are not a developer, you can easily configure your website through the vast availability of themes and plugins. The available themes allow you to change the appearance of your website, while the plugins allow you to change its functionalities.
  3. WordPress is easy to install and you do not require a specialist in order to manage the platform.
  4. WordPress is extremely flexible. If you wish to add an extra functionality such as a forum page, you can easily browse through the available plugins, find forum related plugins such as the bbPress plugin and simply install it.
  5. If you require any assistance, it is easy to find tips and answers online. Due to its popularity, there are several available forums and the WordPress support page where you can find what you need.
  6. WordPress is very easy to learn and has a continuously growing community. Numerous users have created blogs, forums, online courses, seminars and books analyzing all the different aspects of this amazing platform which can help you become easily familiarized with its capabilities.άδα του WordPress.

If you want to create a website on the WordPress platform, then contact us at 2310221500 or at [email protected].

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