What are meta data (meta title, meta description)

May 23, 2022 by Stonewave team

Meta are data that are included on every webpage and are mostly used by search engines and applications.

The meta title is a very important html element that is used for a webpages SEO optimization. It is not the header of the page, but it works as a label for that specific page. A meta title is many times referred to as the “title label” or the “page title”.

Meta titles provide search engines and users with a glimpse of what they will find on a website and thus better understand its content. They can also affect in a positive or negative manner the users’ decision of whether to click on a link or not.

The meta description is an html element that is used in order to describe in short a webpage’s content. More specifically, this description is placed under the webpage’s title and url as they appear on a search engine’s results list. In order for it to appear on google results, it must be between one or two sentences or approximately 140 to 160 characters.

If you want to correctly structure your meta titles and descriptions, you must be careful when it comes to their length and conduct a thorough research regarding keywords in order to avoid duplicates.

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