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PAOK FC Digital Family is a multifaceted group of applications, ideal for PAOK FC / ΠΑΕ ΠΑΟΚ. It consists of a complete Media Platform (, iOS & Android Applications, a live-streaming Channel and two Media Portals with E-commerce Extensions (PAOK, PAOK FC Mobile App, PAOK TV, Toumba Magazine, PAOK SKG).

We are proud of the outcome of this extensive case study and we are happy to share the results with all of PAOK FC ’s fans, around the world.

Join our Digital Family Now and enjoy direct access to all the latest news, results, streams, events and fanzone content! You can now become the biggest digital FAN!

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PAOK FC case study includes:

A. a full website, featuring complete standings and fixtures, media galleries, special reviews, visual match reports, news, fan-zone, and timelines.
B. a mobile application, which enables quick access to match reports, pols, news and bookings.
C. an online channel, where everyone can catchup to their favorite PAOK FC moments and never miss a match by purchasing their preferable live stream subscription.
D. a news blog, with listings of local areas of interest and tourist attractions.
E. an online magazine, with all the latest reviews, athletes profiles and fan-zone.
F. an online megastore, developed in Magento 2 framework, with specialised filters and search attributes


  • Our long collaboration with PAOK FC, has been an interesting journey. In projects like this one, which consist of many segments, that service a great number of users, the stakes are too high. This pushes us to become inventive, extend our knowledge and redefine our limits and methodology. The variety of projects that we had to complete, on behalf of PAOK FC, has not only contributed to our developing arsenal, but has also opened the doors to a substantial clientele, allowing us to expand our business horizons.
  • Developing the website of your favorite local team, is a dream come true. Building a fully functional website that showcases PAOK FC, has been nothing but professional gratification, even more so, when you can support your local “heroes” through your work.
  • On June 2019, PAOK FC was awarded with three medals at the Digital Media Awards; gold for the mobile application, bronze for the magazine homepage and another bronze for integrated reporting and trans-media storytelling. On April 22nd, 2019, PAOK FC won the Greek Championship! This is the exact date, when the official PAOK FC website, had launched four years prior, in 2015. On May 2016, Toumba magazine was awarded the silver award at the European Design Awards.
  • Special thanks to: Dimitris Papazoglou (creative director) for the exquisite and award winning PAOK FC branding, graphic design and illustration. Panagiotis Aroniadis (new media director) for managing and producing all communication material for PAOK FC.
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