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This is a promotional website for a very unique product. O/PURIST tsipouro redefines tradition, introducing a refined distillate for the creation of signature cocktails. O/PURIST tsipouro is a project led by 10 Greek Bartenders, who collaborated to evolve the traditional Greek tsipouro into a refined spirit for the international, contemporary bar scene. In the same spirit, this custom designed website, incorporates the amazing O/PURIST brand identity, created by Red Design Consultants; while at the same time, it introduces a fun and innovative way of navigating the user throughout the concept of the project, the production process and of course the gallery with amazing cocktail recipes.

Enjoy this website. Cheers!

  • client   O/PURIST Tsipouro
  • year   2020
  • design   Red Design Consultants
  • development   Stonewave
  • website
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