Project Details

  • polly theme
  • website
  • company profile
  • wordpress
  • responsive design

All the stereotypes that you have heard regarding IT people are true!

NOVACOM is a hardcore information technology company whose goal is to become a valuable strategic partner for every business that seeks specialized services. We personally have entrusted them with the most uncharted territories of our servers for many years.

When they saw the Polly Theme and they called us for their new website, we hung up because we thought it was a prank. However, they called us back and together, we created a modern and user-friendly website that showcases the services they provide. We also offered them our graphic design services since their existing banners had not changed since 2003.

Featured banner

Project Screens

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mobile < 768px

tablet 768px - 1024px

desktop 1024px - 1440px

wide screen > 1440px

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