Project Details

  • e-commerce
  • magento2
  • custom design
  • responsive design

Professional clients always stay up to date with new technologies and new design trends. This is a magento 2 e-commerce redesign project for one of our most professional clients. Ayo original apparel is the site to visit when you want to look professional. From medical wear to culinary wear, you can find the best outfits and equipment to help you thrive in your industry. At this new e-shop you can enjoy the updated design and the more user friendly checkout process for better overall online shopping experience.

  • client   Ayo original apparel
  • year   2021
  • design & development   Stonewave
  • website
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Project Screens

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mobile < 768px

tablet 768px - 1024px

desktop 1024px - 1440px

wide screen > 1440px

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