Why are product pictures so important?

February 4, 2022 by Stonewave team

The first impression of a product’s featured photo makes all the difference in the world. It takes a few seconds for visitors to form their opinion about a website and, within seconds, decide whether they wish to leave or not. Given the fact that people process images much faster than text, a product’s photo has the power to either convince the consumer to immediately purchase the item or abandon the website altogether.   

Product image types

Below we will mention some specific image types for products, when they should be used and what is the end result in each case:

  • One of the most common types of product images is the isolated photo that includes one product in its frame. These are common in product catalogues, banners and websites that use featured items aside from their complete collections.
  • Another case is the one of group photos that feature more than one product at a time. Group photos present a variety of products and are ideal for commercials and posts on social media platforms because they offer users a more concise image of what the website is offering.
  • Lifestyle images are an important category since they present products in action. These photos are usually shot with models that tell a story of how the product in question can be used by consumers in their daily lives. These images are also ideal for use on social media platforms because they create a more personal connection with their audience through the way that they communicate their message.

Notes :

A common problem of online shopping is the fact that the user cannot measure the product’s actual size. Even though product dimensions are usually available in the description, images can be misleading. This is why all websites must display products in scale in order to help the consumer better understand what the product’s actual size is and ultimately lead to its online purchase.

For small products such as jewellery, close-up images are required in order to bring out their details.This type of photo requires special lighting settings in order to get the perfect shot. 

When shopping online, a lot of consumers are also interested in the product’s packaging. From simply browsing, to actually completing an online purchase and receiving the product in the mail, every buyer seeks a satisfying and straightforward user experience from its beginning to its end. Based on that, when products are accompanied by premium packaging, it should be displayed on their featured image because it offers their audience a better understanding of what they should expect.

To sum up, product images constitute an essential part of an eshop’s presentation since customers are unable to touch or test the products they are about to purchase. An online business can either prepare these images itself or outsource them. The former option requires special equipment, software and the necessary skills to properly process them. However, the incorporation of proper images in an eshop’s catalogue will lead to an improved overall user experience. 

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