What is a Domain and how does it work

February 9, 2023 by Stonewave team

If you are relatively new in the internet world, you probably don’t know what a domain is and it is very likely that you are confusing it with the website itself or its current hosting. That’s why we will help you understand this concept.

Let us explain what a domain is. To put it simply, a domain is an address. Users type this address in the browser in order to reach a particular website. Think of a domain as a telephone number which calls a particular phone when you dial it. If you look at the top of this website, you will see that its domain is

In order to understand the role of a domain, we must first understand the role of servers. A server is the computer where a website resides. Every server has a unique IP address in order to be recognizable within the internet, so that when someone types that particular address, he or she can navigate to the particular website. Usually, IP addresses are composed of numbers such as 123.456.897. When looking for a website, what is easier? To remember its IP address or its name?

By typing a domain, the computer sends a request to a global server network called Domain Named Servers known as DNS. Think of all DNS as huge phone books that match the name of a website with the IP of a server. Afterwards, a DNS network redirects the request until it reaches the final server where the website resides. Success! You have reached the website you were looking for.

Your domain name is very important because it represents your name on the internet. It’s also a piece of your company’s identity. An easy domain name will be remembered by your audience and will also attract new visitors.

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