Website design vs development

August 23, 2022 by Stonewave team

Let the battle begin!!!

Designers and developers constantly argue without people understanding what is the reason for their quarrel. If you are wondering why this is happening as well, do not worry. We are here to clarify everything and answer all your questions. 

Let us analyze the main differences between web design and web development:

  •  A website’s design deals with all the visual aspects of a website (colors, fonts etc). It includes all the visual elements that are related to user experience and the emotions that they invoke to each user separately. These elements include typography, logo design, color palettes and UI/UX design. A website’s development on the other hand deals with the aspect of successfully transferring all of the above on a dynamic website (which is actually twice as hard).
  • The designer’s role is to come up with creative ideas for the clients, conduct user testing for optimization and prepare prototypes based on the color palettes and typography of choice. The developer’s role is to write the respective code in HTML and/or JavaScript for example, in order to make the prototypes’ aspects such as the navigation menu functional, integrate the available multimedia content and test its overall behavior for all available screens.

That’s where the battle begins. The designers muster all their talent and inspiration to create a truly magnificent design, but it is not always feasible to make the design pixel perfect during development. Thus, designers become frustrated and often use expressions such as “this is not what I designed” or “this element is 0.002px off”. The truth is that sometimes, you cannot blame them. 

So, if you happen to get caught between these two fighting, say nothing and let them work it out.

If you wish to become either a designer or a developer, we wish you the best of luck. If you are looking for web design, web development or both, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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