The important role of colors in UI/UX development

June 6, 2022 by Stonewave team

If you wish to develop a website or an application for your company, you need to consider what will be the basic elements of your design. One of these elements is the color palette and it needs to be chosen carefully because every color evokes different emotions when we perceive it. For example, alerts are always red, info boxes are blue, warnings are yellow and success related messages are green.

Colors are a form of communication that is just as important as a language. They reflect the personality of a business, they attract users and they convey messages in an effective manner. It is common practice to use colors that are noticeable since they can set the mood and pulse of a website as well as outline the importance of specific elements or products.

Color is more than a simple expression of aesthetics. Choosing between a dark or light hue can define overall design attractiveness for every screen as well as the level of usability.  According to the Munsell system, color is defined by three parameters: 

  • Hue, which is defined by one of the five principal values of the color spectrum: red, yellow, purple, blue and green. It is measured in degrees on the color wheel (from 0 to 360°).
  • Chroma, which represents the “purity” of a color. It is measured in percentages where 0% is for grey and 100% is for full color.
  • The value of lightness which measures the intensity of a color. It is the only element that can exist by itself. It is also measured in percentages where 0% is for black and 100% is for white.

In conclusion, user experience is a sum of activities that try to optimize a product in order for it to become enjoyable and user friendly. The general feel of an interface is one of the main aspects of UX design and color palettes are essential elements that need to be taken into consideration in order to design a user friendly website or application. 

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