Logotype: what to watch out for!

April 10, 2023 by Stonewave team

The word logotype was created by combining the Ancient Greek words λόγος (logos) ‘word, speech’ and τύπος (tupos) ‘mark, imprint’ and represents a graphic mark, emblem or symbol that companies, organizations or even individuals use to aid and promote public identification and recognition.

However, we are not here for grammar lessons, but to examine the key points that you should watch out for when creating your logotype. The starting point for creating a logotype is to design something that defines the company’s character and reflects its philosophy. Let’s see some focal points that you must take into consideration when designing your logotype:

Why: the entire visual representation of your company is summarized in your logotype. We have analyzed the reasons why you should invest in your brand’s identity in our previous article “What is a brand identity” (have a look).

Budget: at first you must define what is your available budget for the logotype’s design. It is important for the company that designs your logo to know your budget before it sends you an offer because it requires creativity, inspiration and working hours to successfully imprint your company’s character and philosophy on a logotype.

Finding the designer: (the hard part) The designer or the agency that will design your logotype must be aligned with your preferences and personal taste. More specifically, you should study their work and decide if it fits your profile and is close to your philosophy. The first meeting plays an important role because it will define the levels of trust and safety that you will develop with the people or person that you will choose for your logotype’s design. If you choose someone for financial reasons even though their work does not seem adequate to you, it is not their fault. 

Adaptability and design: a good logotype must be easily adaptable to different backgrounds, prints, resolutions and presentation types (web, print, banners etc). Large vertical banners are gradually becoming obsolete since they do not adapt well in web environments. Logotypes can follow different types of design such as clean, modern, artistic, monogram etc. A lot of popular logotypes are based on animals, people, plants, objects, natural phenomena or can be completely abstract. In order to pinpoint what is the best fit for your design, you must isolate all the elements that will help you choose between colors, shapes and even typography. Your colors must complement your company’s philosophy.

If you wish to create your own brand identity, do not hesitate to call us at 2310221500 or email us at [email protected] to discuss it further.

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