How to make your website appear first on Google search

August 2, 2022 by Stonewave team

Let’s admit that Google is the queen of search engines and that everyone tries to follow all of her suggestions. If you own a website, you must make sure that it visible in Google search results so that your audience can find it. Whether it’s a simple brand identity, an eshop or a blog, user accessibility translates to increase of revenue. 

The more well-structured your website is, the higher it will appear during a Google search (ideally on the first page). We will mention a few ways for you to achieve that:

Google Search Console

As soon as you buy your domain and your website is goes live, you must register it on Google Search Console. The purpose of this action is to reduce the time the search engine requires to find your website. Its admin panel provides you with useful tips regarding presentation, related search statistics, functionalities and errors that need to be fixed.

1,2 Testing

If you do not test how your website looks like live, you will not learn. At first (in a new incognito window) search your website using the url, the only its name and finally several keywords. Through this procedure you will be able to pinpoint what needs to be improved in order to make sure that your website appears on google search results. 

Behind the words comes…

Keywords. How many times has your support team told you to use them? A lot? Do you know why? Because they work. Find the best keywords for your website, add them and renew them as often as possible. 

Meta Data

Even though we point it out constantly, 7 out of 10 website owners pay no attention to meta data. It is vital to fill out the metadata fields throughout your eshop (pages, products, services etc). Metadata is the text that appears on google search results in order to offer users a preview of the content. Do not neglect them. 

How does it look on mobile screens

If you haven’t checked what your website looks like on all types of screens (mobile, tablets etc), then it is probably better not to go live. A well-structured mobile view is essential both for your users and google search results as well. Google takes into serious consideration how user friendly your website’s mobile view is when deciding which pages will appear first on its search results .

Lets be socialised

Your position on search results increases along with traffic increase on your website. That is why you must try and increase it as much as possible. We will discuss how you can do that on a separate article. For now, we will just advise you to publish related urls from your website (e.g. product, services and company news urls) as often as possible on all relevant social media platforms. Every link that is being clicked gives you one extra view.

Advertise? YES!

Whether we like it or not, Google is a company that has a lot of employees whose livelihood depends on how well the company gets paid. That’s why it favors those who add to its revenue. Google adds play an important role in search engine results. A well-informed digital agency can help you create added value to your investment. 

Do not hesitate to invest on your website and how it appears on Google search results, because, through that, you will increase your its traffic. Good luck!

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