What is an AB test in an eshop

November 24, 2022 by Stonewave team

A/B testing, also called split testing, is an evaluation tool for understanding a website’s optimal version and it is used by online businesses in order to achieve their goals in an efficient and objective manner.

A/B testing is usually used during the development of an eshop in order to ensure that any changes made, either on the entire eshop or on specific parts of it, are based on hard facts and not on someone’s subjective opinion.

During this type of testing, the participants are not aware that a test is being conducted. Usually, version A represents the eshop or a part of it at its current state, and version B is the modified state. For the duration of the trial, half of the participants are shown version A of the website which includes no changes and the other half are shown version B which includes certain modifications that are applied with the goal of improving specific measurements.

End-user behaviors are then gathered and analyzed in order to determine whether the “prototype” or the “variation” performed better in reaching the desired result.

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