UX( User Experience) related advice for e-shops that can increase sales

October 10, 2023 by Stonewave team

User experience (UX) constitutes a vital element for the success of an online shop. A pleasant and smooth user experience can lead to an increase in sales, boost your clients’ trust and make your shop stand out. Below we will offer some pieces of advice in order to improve your e-shop’s overall user experience:

  1. Clean and Organized Design. Your e-shop’s design must be clean, easy to perceive and properly organized. Use categories and labels to group your products and develop a concise navigation structure.
  2. Legible Illustrations and Texts. Use illustrations that are easy to understand and fonts that are easy to read. Avoid excessive use and complicated designs in order to keep your users happy and focused.
  3. Fast Loading Time. Pages that take too long to load discourage customers from staying there. Make sure your e-shop’s pages load fast and offer clear navigational steps.
  4. Easy Payment Process. The payment processes must be simple and transparent. Offer a variety of payment options with high level transaction security.
  5. Review and Evaluations. Give your customers the ability to leave reviews and evaluations for your products. This promotes a helpful decision making process for the customers and builds trust.
  6. Flexible Design for Mobile Phones. Make sure that your e-shop’s design is responsive in order to adapt on any device. Being mobile friendly is essential for a successful user experience.

By following these pieces of advice you can create an exceptional user experience for your customers. Remember to be in continuous contact with your clients in order to gather feedback and adjust your design according to their needs. Creating this kind of user experience can lead to long-term success for your e-shop.

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