WordPress plugins 2022

March 15, 2022 by Stonewave team

When business owners want to create a website that offers a specific functionality, and they want it up and running as fast as possible, it is highly likely that they are willing to pay a fee in order to obtain that functionality. Even though there are several free plugins that are seemingly offering the same features as paid plugins, one must be very careful when choosing between the two. You need to conduct a detailed research before choosing because in reality, the free option may harm your website. This will happen when the free plugin does not have the same coding standards as the paid plugin.

The most essential free WordPress plugins for 2022 that can save you time and money are the following:

  • We will start with Elementor which is one of the most popular plugins with more than 5 million downloads. It can help you create a website with minimum time and effort.
  • We continue with WP-Optimize which is a cache plugin that will help you optimize your website, boost its loading time and improve the overall SEO process.
  • We move on to Yoast SEO which helps you add all the necessary meta tags, Facebook, Twitter and more. If your website relies on SEO, this plugin will certainly provide assistance.
  • Then there is Smush – Lazy Load Images that goes hand-in-hand with any cache plugin and helps image loading in order to improve the website’s overall speed. 
  • BuddyPress is the perfect choice if the owner wants to create a community because it includes third party plugins that can be utilized altogether.
  • Another very important plugin is WooCommerce. It is extremely useful and it includes all the necessary tools for business owners who want to sell their products online.
  • Finally, Wordfence Security is a powerful plugin that deals with website security. It helps you monitor errors and potential attacks, thus ensuring your website’s safety.

In conclusion, these free plugins constitute an essential and extremely useful tool selection for the modern business owner who wishes to create a complete and functional website.

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