Is it useful to have a blog on your website ?

December 13, 2022 by Stonewave team

A blog can take many forms. You can find it as a collection of articles, as a press release or simply as updates regarding special offers, product placement or news. This is why each website uses a different word to name its blog such as News, Updates, Press or Articles.

The global community considers blogs a vital part of search engine optimization because it is a way to often update your website and thus verify that it’s active.

Below, we analyze a few reasons regarding the importance of creating and maintaining a blog inside your website:

It answers questions: Users who visit your blog are usually looking for answers for various matters such as “what are the types of pants” that a clothing eshop is currently selling.

It offers advice: Most of the times, just like ours, a blog’s purpose is to offer advice. It includes pieces of information that can help the reader solve a problem such as “10 ways to lose your vacation weight”. Depending on the website’s content, a blog that offers advice covers numerous topics from medicine to tech products. Just remember that through it you are able to build a trusting and interactive relationship between your business and your users.

It increases traffic: Blogs that are updated frequently and publish posts at least once a month indicate to all popular search engines that their website is constantly active. Websites that receive the highest rankings for keywords usually contain a respectable blog.

It wins the users’ trust: On a website with clear, well-written and elegant articles, traffic increases. If you have a consistent posting schedule and you invest in its aesthetics, you will gain new and repeat visitors who will always be looking forward to your next post. In addition, any product placement that you make through your blog will probably be a success. That is why, our advice to you, is to invest as much time and effort that you can on it.

Good luck!

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