The Dog is the supreme being

Brought up in a quiet suburb as a science experiment, after managing to escape, Linux took a gap year backpacking around the world, seeking her fortune.Her career started when Bill and Melinda brought her to work as a junior developer for Microsoft. What she believed would be the ideal job started to fall apart. It had been over 2 years that she worked in this huge Redmond’s building full of “Windows”… When Bill ceased to deal with coding and put weight on charity and fight against hunger and inequality, then all the patience, tolerance and perseverance, all of her efforts to oversee chaos and maintain stability of the entire cyber universe started to fade away.

That was all she was thinking about, every time the “login” appeared on the screen, the passing into an uninviting boring world until the end of the shift. She could feel that something greater was out there, something different and free… That was the time when she decided to give up everything and begin a long journey in order to find the real meaning in her canine life.

She traveled around in a beaten up old Ford van – an old gift from her old friend Steven Seagull, lived among gypsies and Wastelanders. It is rumored that she once met the original Vault Dweller. She worked as a freelance bacon lover but ended up being baconaholic. Trying to detox from that killing addiction, she spent three years volunteering in Africa. There she met a Lhasa Apso and fell in love with him. Together they moved to Tibet, where he introduced her to meditation. There she found salvation in open source.

She had one more stop before going back..It was late August and remembered the invitation of an old mate, Berry, to follow him to the Burning Man Festival. Without leash, prejudices and money she let herself free for one last time..There, among the crowd of sweaty bodies swaying to the rhythm of music and some illegal bone abuse, there, in the depths of Black Rock Desert, she found them..The most well-trained developers, the best reliable companion imaginable. She now was ready to take the turn and never look back. It was in 2010 when she created the company and got into business.Things were going well, acceptance and trust of the people began to grow and the company was gaining more and more ground.

But, psychological problems came back along with some other issues. At some point, she forced to resign due to conflict of opinion with the human race.Nowadays she still remains the CEO, she spends time licking her bone, she actually believes she owns everything she pees on and oversees us all, sitting on her fluffy pillow.